Brandon Bouldin

Brandon J Bouldin
Apricot Mailer

A direct mail piece aimed at Small nonprofit owner. I wanted to create a warm happy feeling to complement the colors and style of the product. So I chose a casual happy subject and used the swoops and color to keep the movement and focus going.

Apricot Mailer

CTK Payment Plan Mailer

Another Direct mail piece aimed at nonprofits but this one was aimed at larger nonprofits and with a brand that has recognition with the target audience. So a I used a business casual woman for the cover and a large branded icon for the backdrop on the back.

CTK Payment Plan Mailer

Apricot Mailer - Lano Conference

A follow up mailer from a conference. The Art is a smaller version and condensed version of the booth backdrop was used to create a cohesive experience for the conference attendees.

Apricot Mailer

CTK New Years Mailer

A fun mailer sent to current customers used as a way for the account managers to keep start up a dialogue with struggling customers. I used the branded icon once again as the quick identifier for the customer.

CTK New Years Mailer

CTK/Apricot Folded Handout

A hand out for an charity benefit being put on by Community Techknowledge. The challenge was merging the two styles into one handout while clearly keeping the targets separate.

CTK/Apricot Folded Handout

Apricot Datasheet Layout

An example of the standard style of an Apricot White paper. The Challenge with most of the white paper was to clearly organize information on a page that has just a little too much content.

Apricot Datasheet

Apricot Software Pricing Email Design

A follow up email to a direct mailer that was sent out to small nonprofits. This was the first mailer after CTK decided to merge Apricot with CTK. The Campaign was mildly successful and needed to have a larger review of both designs prior to the merge.

Apricot Software Pricing Email

Doors of Perseption Mock Mailer Invite

A mock-up of an invite for the Doors of Perception conference. I created a hole package based on the theme "lightness – clearing up the mess” as an exercise to practice with. This was one of the possible mailers.

DOP Mock Invite

Apricot Logo

Apricot was a small, fun, fast, new version of a much larger product from CTK. So I created a clean bright logo for the company with a completely different set of colors while keeping some of the styles and fonts the same.


Leena Lu Logo

Leena Lu was an ecommerce client that was looking for an urban grunge look that still had a clean look so I created this simple but slightly sketchy logo.

Leena Lu

Complex Comedy Logo

The customer that wanted the complex comedy logo designed had very specific ideas about the logo layout and was very precise in the treatment of the layout but in the end we produced a clean, attractive logo that met his expectations.

Complex Comedy

CTK Logos

CTK released a whole new sub set of products and needed a set of logos to go along with each new sub product. I created a series of logos based off the original CTK logo but with a small icon that differentiated the logos as well as made a nice icon for within the products.


Igent Logo

Igent also had a very specific idea for their logo but after reviewing the business I wanted to create an icon in the logo that was fun, personable, and animate able. This is how I arrived at the g for the gent.


Apricot needed a 3 panel backdrop created for a set of conferences. Each panel has is targeted at a different level of interest. The center panel is for a large branding recognition with room for a display below it. The left for mildly interested passers and the right for people wanting to know more.

Apricot Conference Back-Drop

Gallery Magazine Ad

CTK's English partner in London ran this ad in several UK charity magazines. The goal was to spark interest and intrigue for the company and to raise awareness in the UK.

Gallery Magazine Ad

CTK Haiku Competition Billboard

The 2nd and 3rd place award winners of the CTK Haiku Grant competition were featured on a billboard while still also featuring CTK as the sponsor. The Haiku was used to largely increase CTK's clientele and awareness in Austin.

CTK Haiku Billboard

CTK - Internal Poster

CTK started an internal campaign to spark support for the new brand icon before the roll out to the public. The poster was also used as the standard desktop.

CTK - Internal Poster

Apricot Magazine Ad

Apricot ran a black and white ad in the conference magazine along in conjunction with their booth. Both feature similar movement and style.

Apricot Magazine Ad

AAOA Magazine Ad

AAOA waned to run a three page fold out that was fun as well as informative and showed all the issues that can arise during the rental process. The game board seamed like the best way to merge the two requirements but in the end the ad space was not cost effective.

AAOA Magazine Ad

Dumb Waiter Poster

A USC production of The Dumb Waiter wanted a poster that had the gritty realist style that matched their performance and a fake newspaper was the best and most cost efficient way to achieve their goal.

Dumb Waiter Poster

Doors of Perseption Mock Poster

A mock-up of an poster for the Doors of Perception conference. I created a hole package based on the theme "lightness – clearing up the mess” as an exercise to practice with. This was one of the possible posters.

DOP Mock Poster